Sunday, April 14, 2013

These people, those people

Beau likes to play little games of people. He especially likes to play with peg people or lego mini figs. But where those toys are unavailable he will play with whatever cylindrical thing is handy.

For example, today he is playing with my electronic candles. They are all lined up according to size and 'family'.

He also likes to played with my little bottles of essential oils.

I have a small collection of heart shaped rocks that the children have given me, and I frequently find those laid out and interacting.

His little families are so sweet, I almost don't mind tripping over them everywhere.

Friday, April 12, 2013


One of the few things I have retained from my public education was always write the title last...

It's been a while, and I don't care.  But my kids are just so damn awesome that I want to write it down and tell the world and make everyone jealous.  Because I'm cool like that.  I'm cool like that.

Beau is freaking five years old.  It's insane, he's not allowed to grow up.  Two years was my max for him.  He sleeps with stuffed animals.  Not as much as Nona, but that's another story.  The last couple of nights, sweet Beau has come to my bed around 2am, due to some bad dream or what not.  His collection of stuffed creatures has migrated from his bed to mine, and now Jake and I have our own little pile.  So far we've collected a tiny bear wearing pajamas, a bunny and a crocheted pirate.

Nona wakes up like her father.  When Cubby (also, I call Jake Cubby now < deal with it) wakes up, he has a sense of urgency.  He sits up quickly, inhales deeply.  Sometimes it freaks me out, sometimes I can see it coming.  Nona does it every time I carry her into bed.  She is so like him, and I think that freaks him out a little, because parenting yourself is one of the hardest things to do.  She likes loose teeth, but doesn't like pulling them out.  She tells the punniest jokes.  She is ridiculously smart.  Not the kind of smart that gets measured, but the kind of smart that freaks people out.  Bt she doesn't care, her scores are amazing and she could kind of care less.

Paul, on the other hand... Dudes a frickin' genius and wants everyone to know it.  He wanted me to tell the ticket taker at the baseball game what reading level he is on.  Which is the highest his school measures to, but his teacher is sure he is beyond even that now.  He loves is cat, Tiger.  He wears his soccer shin guards on his forearms like gauntlets.  He doesn't like to 'dress up', but wears a sword to the park.  He reads, a lot.  He understands numbers in a way I can't even comprehend.   And he is so emotionally gentle.

They are so different, but also spent three hours today playing Lord of the Rings together.  Nt a video game, a put in your cape and carry this stick and follow me into the backyard/Mordor.  It makes my heart so incredibly happy when that happens.  My childhood was spent on the back acre in my own head, and I have absolutely no regrets.  Well, except maybe the lack of some club or tree house.  Every kid needs one of those.   I keep trying to raise my kid with the things I wanted when I was a child.  And sometimes it takes, and sometimes it's like water off a ducks back.  For as much. We share, they are not mini versions of me.  They are their own people, living their own lives for the first  time.

There is no road map of their lives.  And getting to choose your own direction can feel scary, but it is such a gift!  Such freedom!  Aaaand, I think I found my title.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me

Jake and I recently celebrated our anniversary.

Last night he wasn't feeling too hot and was lying in bed miserable. I'm laying next to him in our dark room listening to the hum of the fan and the chirp of the night birds.

He rolls over, and in his best poppa bear voice asks me to tell him a story.

So I did.

By the time it was over I had sweet tears in my eyes. It was a lovely story, and I surprised myself in the telling of it.

Happy 8 years my love.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Few things are more satisfying

Few things are more satisfying in life than

To sing a quiet lullaby,

Then to tell your little ones in vivid detail all the sweet dreams they will have

Paul, you will be an artist in your dream. All the people will ask you to make pictures of their families and their homes. And you'll make beautiful pictures of flowers and animals, and your pictures will make people happy and they will put them in their homes. [And the boy smiled].

Nona, you will live in Zarahemla and hear the Prophet Samuel foretell of the birth of Christ, and you will be there with all your friends when you see him standing on the wall. [She giggles excitedly, because she is familiar with this story from just learning it].

Beau, you will be a grown up who rides his bike everywhere. You ride your shiny bike to school, to the store, to the park, to the Farmers Market. You have a bright red helmet to keep you safe and you ride your bike everywhere you want to go. [He smiles, because he has now mastered the training wheels of his little bike, and can't wait for the freedom a big boy bike brings.]

Then you kiss them all, some of them twice if they ask it. And then you turn on the cd of bedtime music, the same music you listened to when you were a little one, back when it was on a cassette that your Momma would have to come in and flip over half way through.

You kiss them all again and leave the room. You cross the hall and sit down to get some work done and hear one sigh happily, hear the other yawn big and wide, and hear your sweet baby ask his big brother "Can I snuggle with you?" and the big one says yes, and there is a rustling of blankets, and then another happy sigh and then all is quiet.

Few things are more satisfying. Especially sitting here now as I type this, I can hear them giggling and fighting those last bits of sleep, together, happily.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bad, Good Enough, Awesome

My awesome sister Sara took a photography class and was practically begging for people to practice on. I washed the kids faces, put them in clean clothes and told her to meet us on the beautiful river trail.

Now, you know, when you have little kids there are three types of family pictures. There's the bad.

BAD= there is no way we will ever even remotely put that anywhere in the house.

There's the good enough.

GOOD ENOUGH= ohhh, we were so close to having a decent picture here. And maybe with a bit of fancy photo shopping we still could.

And there's the awesome.

AWESOME= I love it!!!! Print me four copies, stat!

So, without further ado, the bad, the good enough, and the awesome.


Good Enugh:


Good Enough:





Good Enough: (and the best one of Beau Boy)

Awesome: she loved all the pictures, crazy girl


Good Enough:

Good Enough:

Good Enough:



Good Enough: (with some photoshopping to get rid of mount vescuvious on my forehead, I'd categorize it as awesome)


Awesome: and sexy

I love them and can't wait to print them out and refill my frames with all these cute new prints. Didn't my novice sister do an awesome job? Thanks so much Shush!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wall swap

We rearranged the kids room today. Nothing fantastic, just switched the bunkbeds and dressers to opposite walls. But you know what, it feels like a whole new place to the wee ones.

I love it when the simplest of things can make something old new again.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet Chuck

About two weeks ago, for some inexplicable reason, I was browsing the pets section in my local classifieds. I came across an ad that said

"One year old Shitzu to good home"

Once I opened the ad it explained that the dog had been living on his own in the backyard after his family had to move. I was compelled to call and set up a time to see this guy. We set up a time for the next evening. I got a call early the next day asking if we could reschedule, well, that wasn't possible for us, so I asked if we could just go to the vacant house alone and see him. That was fine with his owner, so we went by that afternoon.

We got to the empty house and went to the side gate. The first thing we saw was empty yard, and then very slowly, from around the corner of the house toddler a small white rug.

This poor guy was matted with months of ungroomed fur. It took over 4 hours just to clip him down. He had sores from his dirty hair and couldn't see out of one eye because it was matted over. He had no food and a large bowl of dirty that was floating with dead bugs and the sides were green with what I can only describe as pond scum.

I knew that even if Chuck wasn't supposed to be with our family, he couldn't stay at this house anymore. Once I made sure he was friendly towards the kids, we loaded him up in the van and brought him home.

After a couple of hours of clipping and shaving, we finally had him hair free. We got I'm a little collar and leash, and he's having a great time hanging out with us. Him and Rooster are fast friends.

If anyone has a need for a super cute pup, let me know. But in the meantime, we don't mind letting him hang out. Who knows, he might just fit in here after all.